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Certa Wealth Management is a leading financial service practice offering strategic planning and asset allocation advice to top City professionals, business owners and wealthy individuals.

Health Insurance

We provide access to a variety of rate plans and options through top insurance providers. Our integrated suite of health insurance services gives the consumer the ability to get the best health insurance services.

Personal Insurance

We are committed to protecting you, your family and your valuable assets. We treat your personal insurance the same way we do business insurance. We offer you competitive pricing, multiple options and objective advice.

Commercial Insurance

Business/Commercial insurance is coverage for your business and to help protect you if you and your business in the event of a loss or were found at fault or liable for a loss while a customer is on your property or using your product.

Life and Pensions

Our life and pensions customers benefit from sustained cost reduction, dependable service delivery, risk transfer and capital efficiency. Our scale and experience means we can offer you solutions that tackle your individual needs

Travel Insurance

The all purpose traveler deserves an all purpose travel companion. With our travel insurance package, you can focus on the things that really matter whether business or pleasure. A travel cover lets you travel with peace of mind knowing you are secure.

Wealth and Investments

We offer a comprehensive and team-based approach to managing wealth. Our advice-driven process, combined with the strength of our people, positions us as a unique resource in today's competitive marketplace.

We Love What We Do

Our team is highly experienced and well resourced to offer you a very personalised and responsive service.

Certa Wealth Management FAQs

As an Independent Financial Services Brokerage we offer independent advice on financial matters to our clients and recommend suitable financial products from the whole of the market. We work independently for our clients rather than representing an insurance company, investment house, bank or other financial product provider.

A synergistic relationship with an independent, Certified Financial Planner Practitioner can be beneficial to many aspects of your life. Gaining valuable assistance with your finances frees up your time and attention to be more effective with your career, family, health, friends, personal development, spirituality, and everything else that's important to you.

The answer depends on the quality of the advisor and your ability to make the most of a client-advisor relationship. For you, this includes helping the advisor help you by clearly describing your vision for an ideal future, effectively delegating to the advisor, and accepting his personal support and encouragement to live the life you envisioned.

Yes, we have a proven process for us to get to know each other before we consider doing business. The process involves at least two meetings were we help prospective clients complete their Financial Road Map and Quality of Life Survey.

While the scope of work we do for our clients varies, we have a holistic type of personal financial advising service that seeks to optimize most aspects of our client's financial picture based on their current situation, strengths, values, passion, and vision for an ideal future.

Naturally, a good match in personality plays a role. You should also ask yourself, ``Is the advisor competent, and can see myself developing a synergistic, win-win relationship with him or her?`` Quality advisers will have a multi-meeting introduction process that reliably helps both sides understand each other and whether there's a good client-adviser fit.

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